PTA (Parent & Teacher Association)

The PTA  membership consists of all parents of our students and teachers at the Academy. The goals of the PTA are to:

  • Assure that Hope parent have a voice in the school community, it’s administration, and in the decision making process.
  • Act as a medium of communication between teachers, parents, and the school administration.
  • Provide support for various programs that enrich the experience of ou students at the Academy.
  • Engage parents in the learning experience of their children and offer social and moral support the financial obligations.
  • Provide feedback to parents and teachers about the experiences of students -challenges and opportunities – at school so students can receive appropriate support from both parents and teachers.

The Association meetings are scheduled for every last weekend of the month. All parents are encouraged to participate and also be actively engaged in various activities of the Association.

For more information, please call the Headmaster at 0712-554050